Energy Audits

FREE energy audits in Rochester, NY

A home energy audit is the process of pinpointing the inefficiencies of your heating and cooling systems. Here at Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning, we are offering a FREE home energy audit for a limited time, this audit is valued at $250, call today! 

Very often, a system may appear fully functional, only to yield higher than average monthly energy bills. At Taylor Heating Inc, we know exactly what to look for, and through our Comprehensive Home Assessments we'll determine exactly what needs to be done to net you significant savings and guarantee your safety.
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Putting our findings into action

The second phase of our FREE energy audit consists of a Taylor Heating Inc. BPI-certified technician developing a workscope for proposed improvements, including a cost and energy savings estimate. Leveraging years of experience and expertise, we will ensure you that all factors have been taken into account, and the best solution has been intelligently tailored to your home's specific needs.
NYSERDA Audit Rochester, NY

Two-stage FREE home energy audit

In the first stage, our home energy technician takes inventory of and reports on the current conditions in your home, including:

  • Health and Safety (Carbon Monoxide Levels/Moisture Problems)
  • Air Infiltration Rates
  • Insulation Levels
  • Domestic Hot Water System
  • Heating System Efficiency
  • Cooling System/Central Air Conditioning Efficiency, if applicable
  • Distribution System (Ductwork), if applicable
  • Lighting
  • Major Appliances
We use a number of diagnostic tools during the first phase of your Comprehensive Home Assessment, including:
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer – an important health and safety tool
  • Blower Door – measures the air tightness of a home and identifies areas where air leakage is occurring
  • Duct Blaster – measures how “leaky” the ductwork is in a home (used only in a home with a forced-air heating system and/or central air conditioning)
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