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At Taylor Heating Inc, we recommend that you schedule regular maintenance to ensure the proper functionality of your heating system at all times. Rochester winters are bitter cold, and going without heat can pose a serious threat to your health and safety - not to mention your comfort! Our skilled technicians understand that each home has different needs, and can help you pick out the ideal heating solution. Whether you're looking for same-day repairs or a complete system installation, you can rely on Taylor Heating Inc!

Comprehensive heating services

When your heating system needs a tune-up, Taylor Heating Inc will perform the following procedures at your home:
  1. Cycle the complete system – turn on with thermostat – and invite customer input.
  2. Visually inspect flame, looking for anything unusual. Be sure flame is blue.
  3. Take draft reading on natural draft system. Take monometer reading on an induced draft system. Record readings.
  4. Test pilot safety – flame sensor, thermocouple, powerpile or bimetal. Record.
  5. Test gas valve (lock-out time and gas pressure). Record.
  6. Take amperage draws on both blower and inducer motors. Record.
  7. Test and record all voltages, both high and low. Test limit and other safeties.
  8. Pull burners; clean and inspect. Repeat with pilot burner.
  9. Thoroughly inspect heat exchanger for cracks, and clean. Be sure to include the secondary coil as needed (applies to 90% of units).
  10. Test and visually inspect hot surface igniter. Record ohm reading.
  11. Pull blower, remove blower wheel and clean.
  12. Inspect secondary heat exchanger and condensate drain as needed (applies to 90% of equipment). Clean both.
  13. Inspect filter. Vacuum permanent style or make necessary recommendations.
  14. Inspect vent connector and vent. Clean as necessary. Remember that induced draft units need B-vent. For PVC-vented units, inspect the intake and exhaust terminations.
  15. Clean entire unit inside and out. Vacuum and wipe down return air drop.
  16. Reassemble unit. Lubricate as necessary.
  17. Check for proper wiring, size and romex. Be sure there is a service disconnect within 6 feet of the appliance. Check circuit breaker size and/or fuse size.
  18. Start unit and take temperature rise through equipment. Apply protective coating while unit is heating up.
  19. Bubble-check for gas leaks in and around the furnace. Recommend repair if needed.
  20. Visually inspect duct work and make recommendations.
  21. Visually inspect water heater and make necessary recommendations.
  22. Mark gas shut-offs and electrical shut-offs with Taylor Heating, Inc. tags.
  23. Place our Taylor Heating, Inc. sticker on furnace and water heater.
  24. Make sure furnace exterior is clean. Clean up area around furnace to leave it neater than when we arrived.
  25. Return to thermostat and inspect, clean and adjust as necessary. Invite customer input again.

Call us for heat pump services!

At Taylor Heating Inc, we only install what we have investigated and found to be the best in furnaces from leading name brands such as Amana, American Standard, Lennox, and Goodman. Every model we offer is designed to provide maximum heat for minimum fuel usage and deliver reliable and economical warmth, with efficiency ratings from 80% all the way up to 95% AFUE. Many of our units are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means they can significantly lower your utility bills. For optimal comfort and efficiency, we can combine a gas furnace with an electric heat pump in one dual-fuel system.

Energy-Efficient Furnaces
The efficiency of your furnace is determined by its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The minimum efficiency level for furnaces in the U.S. is 80% AFUE, meaning that for every dollar you spend on heating your home, 80 cents actually goes towards generating heat. Compared to many 60% AFUE furnaces, 80% AFUE furnaces are a significant improvement. However, for enhanced energy efficiency, you may wish to consider a furnace, such as Goodman’s line of 95% AFUE furnaces.

Types of furnaces we install
• Gas • Electric • Propane • Oil • Wall Furnaces • Heat Pumps

A heat pump might be perfect for your home!

A heat pump can both heat and cool and, in some applications, is preferred over separate heating and cooling systems. Taylor Heating Inc can show you how to make this work for your home and budget.

Heat pumps use a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. They usually pull heat out of the air or ground to heat a building, but they can be reversed to cool a building, too. 

One of the biggest advantages of a heat pump over a standard HVAC unit is that there’s no need to install separate systems to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps are efficient because they simply transfer heat, rather than burn fuel to create it. This makes them more eco-friendly than a gas-burning furnace.

Of course, heat pumps don’t just heat and cool buildings. If you’ve ever enjoyed a hot tub or a heated swimming pool, then you probably have a heat pump to thank!

You can rely on our experienced customer service representatives to help you pick out the perfect heat pump to fit the needs of your home!

Reliable boiler systems

Designed to work with radiant heating systems, boilers circulate warm water or steam through a network of pipes. Like the furnaces, our boiler heating systems are built to deliver reliable and efficient performance and come with fantastic warranties. 
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