Water Treatment

Home water treatment solutions in Rochester, NY

While you may not have guessed it from our name, Taylor Heating Inc specializes in the installation and maintenance of a wide variety of water treatment systems. The most important function of your water is to nourish you and your family, so it's crucial to ensure that it is as pure as possible. Bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals such as iron, manganese and sulfur, suspended solids and other chemical pollutants such as fertilizers can all negatively impact the quality of your drinking water, so give Taylor a call to bust those contaminants and drink fresh!

A wide variety of water systems for any need

At Taylor, we proudly offer water treatment systems from Watts, including:
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Softeners
  • Salt-Free Anti-Scale System
  • Drinking Water System
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Testing
  • Water Disinfection
  • Ultra-Violet Disinfection Systems
Water treatment system
Water treatment technology has come a long way in just the last few years. Not long ago, there was no dependable and affordable way to prevent staining due to iron content, or odors due to hydrogen sulfide gas in well water. That has changed now.

Our skilled plumbers will install the Watts Filox media filter, which requires no regular maintenance and no salt, chlorine or other chemicals. It filters water in your home all day, capturing iron, hydrogen sulfide and other elements. Then, it automatically back-washes during the night, so it’s ready to go again, day after day, year after year. Under normal circumstances, the media should never have to be changed. With advancements in technology, the cost is lower now than it was 10 years ago.
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