How Will the Freon Ban Affect You?

If you purchased your air conditioner before 2010, it probably utilizes a common refrigerant called Freon. The industry has been phasing out this substance over the past several decades because it was found to be harmful to the environment by depleting the ozone layer. As of January of 2020, the United States is making it illegal for Freon to be manufactured or imported. Many homeowners with older units, which still need Freon for maintenance and repair purposes, are wondering if they have to go out and buy a new air conditioner before January 2020. The answer is, not necessarily.

What happens after the Freon ban goes into effect?

This law is targeting the manufacture and import of Freon, but using the substance is not itself illegal. Recycled Freon will likely still be available even after the ban. However, it will become harder to find and much more expensive. The good news for homeowners with older units is that most Freon AC systems are also compatible with legal alternatives like Puron. While you won't necessarily have to go out and replace your unit just yet, most air conditioners do begin leaking and malfunctioning after around 15 years. At which point, you’ll probably need to upgrade anyway.

What can I expect from the alternatives to Freon?

Air conditioners that use Puron or other alternatives are not any more expensive than Freon models, and they can even cost less to operate. Modern systems are designed to be more efficient so they won't need refilling as often. When the time comes to replace your unit, you will have the benefit of paying less to maintain it, while also causing less harm to the environment.

Homeowners who aren't quite ready to purchase a new system yet can rest assured that they do have time to prepare for the transition away from Freon. Taylor Heating is happy to help. To make an appointment, call (585) 294-4881.