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Access to Professional Heat Pump Repair Services

If you’re wanting to keep your home warm and efficient, well-designed equipment like a heat pump is a great option. But even the strongest heat pumps aren’t immune to problems now and then. By trusting professionals like Taylor Heating Inc. for heat pump repair in Rochester, you’re offering your equipment the best chance for success. Local specialists have the knowledge and tools necessary to fix anything that might arise, particularly if they’re hard to understand or affecting other parts of your HVAC system. Get your home back to peak efficiency and comfort by investing in heat pump repair from Taylor Heating Inc. today.

Why Is Professional Heat Pump Repair Worthwhile?

Like any appliance, heat pumps may encounter problems from time to time. Issues with heat pumps can be triggered by different factors, such as age, dirt or debris buildup, or wear and tear of components. Common heat pump repairs include replacement of worn-out components, cleaning away debris and identifying the source of the problem.

An experienced heat pump repair technician will evaluate any damage present in your heat pump and determine if more significant repairs are needed. In some instances, the damage could be too widespread, and we may suggest heat pump installation. With our expertise and knowledge, we will provide you with the most suitable solution to get your heat pump back to normal with minimal disruption.

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Do You Need Heat Pump Repair?

Heat pumps are hardworking appliances because they can supply both heating and cooling. This year-round efficiency can add a great deal of strain on key components, particularly the blower motor or other moving parts. Whether your heat pump has experienced a lot of wear and tear or it just needs a full cleaning, even small problems can call for professional repair.

When you contact a qualified technician to determine the cause of the issue, they should evaluate any and all damage to your heat pump and offer the best solution. Depending on the extent of the issue, it could be better to swap repairs for total heat pump replacement. No matter what, don’t let heat pump trouble drag on! A quick assessment by an expert could save you time, money and hassle for the future.

Five Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair


Weak or No Cooling

If you notice that your home is not cooling effectively or is only working for certain areas, it could be a sign of trouble with your heat pump. Issues with the refrigerant levels, the compressor or the air handler may be preventing your heat pump from sufficiently cooling your home. A seasoned professional should analyze the issue.


Strange Noises

Loud noises coming from your heat pump are easily a sign of damage. If they started up suddenly, your heat pump should be examined by an expert. Sounds may include rattling, grinding or buzzing. Maybe a bolt has shaken loose or an electrical connection is damaged.


Increased Energy Bills

Erratic spikes in your monthly power bill is a clear way to recognize if your HVAC system is having trouble. Different inefficiencies with the system could be causing it to work more than it should, resulting in increased energy consumption.


Poor/Inconsistent Airflow

If you observe weak airflow coming from your heat pump, it could indicate that the air filter or ductwork is blocked up. Obstructions can restrict the performance of your heat pump, and in certain cases lead it to overheat. Replacing the air filter is a core part of our support services like heat pump maintenance.


Burning or Chemical Smells

Heat pumps don’t generate much of an odor. If something smells like a chemical or like something is on fire, a technician should check on the electrical connections, refrigerant lines and other key parts.

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Taylor Heating Inc. Strives for Superb Heat Pump Repair

When you need fast and professional heat pump repair, our experienced technicians have everything they need. From the necessary tools and expertise to knowledge of all common makes and models, our team of specialists is dedicated to providing efficient and lasting repairs no matter what. Contact us today at 585-500-4357 for expert repair service.

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