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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Furnace?

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Having a furnace that’s functional is crucial for homeowners to survive the winter months in New York. Temperatures can drop like a stone, which makes this appliance critical to keeping your family safe and warm. What happens, however, when your unit breaks down and you need a replacement?

The technicians at Taylor Heating can provide furnace installation service. Whether you want to install oil, propane, or natural gas furnaces, our technicians can handle it.

Should the worst happen and your appliance becomes broken beyond repair during the cold months, get in touch with us and we’ll be ready to lend a hand.

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Clues a Furnace Is in Decline

Being able to identify when a furnace is approaching the end of its life can help you prepare to install a new one. Every appliance serves up clues that indicate the end is coming.

Here are some things homeowners should watch out for:

  • Horrible odors coming from the device
  • The furnace has trouble keeping temperatures warm
  • Loud noises or vibrations while the appliance is running
  • Sudden spikes in your utility bill

If you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms, it may be time to call for a technician to inspect your furnace. At Taylor Heating, we can help determine the state of your appliance and whether or not it makes sense to conduct repairs and go for a full-on replacement.

Plan Ahead for Furnace Replacement in Rochester

Every home appliance breaks down eventually. The best method of making sure you are not caught in the middle of winter with a broken down furnace is by preparing to purchase a replacement ahead of time. If you learn about the signs an impending furnace demise, you might give yourself a chance to shop around for a new device. Learning the symptoms of a unit in decline will at least buy you some time.

Another factor to consider when deciding whether or not to invest in a replacement furnace is how much it costs to maintain the current unit versus buying a new one. Older appliances tend to require more frequent repairs and become less efficient over time. If these costs appear to be getting out of hand, purchasing a new model may be the wiser choice. Modern appliances are more eco-friendly than their predecessors, and while the initial cost of buying a replacement might be high, you may end up making that money back in energy savings.

Install a New Furnace Today

Got a busted furnace that needs replacing? We conduct furnace installation services across the Rochester, NY area. Come take a look at what other people in your area have to say about our services by browsing our customer reviews page.

Contact us if you need help getting a new furnace by calling (585) 294-4881 and scheduling an appointment.

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