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Rochester Heating Repair & Maintenance

Keeping You Comfortable When the Temperatures Drop

The winters experienced by homeowners in New York can be pretty harsh. Being in possession of a functioning heater is vital. Being left to face the cold without any home comfort appliance can be brutal, which is why gaining access to a comprehensive heating company is so important.

For decades, the crew at Taylor Heating has been conducting heating repair service to ensure no family is left out in the cold. We can help you and your family stay warm and cozy when the temperatures are at their lowest.

Call us at (585) 294-4881 or use our online form to schedule reliable heating repair in Rochester. Taylor Heating is backed by over 40 years of experience!

Does Your Heater Need Repair?

The best time to call for our heater repairs in Rochester is before the appliance breaks down and you’re left without any help against the cold. By educating yourself about the signs that show a heater is on the fritz, you can get your heater fixed up straight away.

Here are some of the things you should be looking for:

  • Funny smells coming from the appliance
  • A noticeable spike in utility charges
  • Banging noises or loud vibrations while the heater is turned on
  • The unit has difficulty maintaining temperature levels

There might be times a heater shuts off suddenly all by itself for seemingly no reason. Before you make a service call, try turning it back on again and seeing if it resumes as normal. If it doesn’t and you notice any of the above symptoms, you should call in a professional to inspect the unit and provide heating repair service.

Maintenance Is Crucial

The easiest way to prevent anything bad happening to your heater, including a malfunction or huge drop in efficiency, is by taking proper care of it from the beginning. An important step of this process is scheduling regular maintenance and timely repairs. Any potential problems will likely be caught this way, averting any future disasters.

Keeping the device in prime condition will also allow it to operate at a high efficiency for a much longer time. Getting a tune-up every year will cause it to deteriorate at a much slower rate, and make repairs less frequent. You also won’t need to replace it as quickly. In the end, regular maintenance on your heater could save you a bundle of money down the road.

One other thing we highly recommend is scheduling maintenance for your heater just before winter starts. By doing this, you will get the best performance out of your appliance when you need it most.

Call Now & Get Reliable Heat

We provide trustworthy and affordable Rochester heating services to all homes. Let us help you stay nice and warm during the winter season.

Call us today at (585) 294-4881 to book an appointment.

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