One of the most important parts of making your home more energy efficient is by ensuring there are no cracks or holes for air to escape or enter the building. Insulation only works if there’s as little exchange between indoor and outdoor air as possible. The barrier between the living areas of your home and the outside must be airtight.

The well-trained Rochester air sealing technicians at Taylor Heating proudly offer top-notch services all year round. We can determine the location of any drafts or leaks in your home and patch them up so your home can stay cool during summer and warm during winter.

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Any breaches in your home’s envelope, windows or doorways can be detrimental to your family’s comfort and the cost of your energy bill. If cold air enters your home from the outside during winter, lowering the temperature in your home, any heating appliances will have to work that much harder to maintain the temperature. When you use air conditioning during the summer if any of that cool air escapes your AC will again have to consume more energy to keep the inside of your home cool. On top of higher utility costs, it puts more strain on your appliances, which means they may need to be serviced frequently and replaced more quickly. Filling these breaches allows homeowners to keep things comfortable while saving money in the long run.

Many homeowners choose to air seal the attic floor because it provides an excellent vapor barrier between the living space and the attic while adding insulation value. This will also help reduce your energy costs, prevent moisture in the attic and cut down on icicle build up.


One of the best tools technicians can use to determine the air exchange rate in a home is with blower door testing. This involves attaching a high-powered fan to a front, back or side door and lowering the air pressure inside.

The amount of air that makes its way back into a home can be measured and further tests can determine the location of any holes or cracks. Blower door testing can:

  • Help identify window frames that need to be more properly fitted
  • Reveal the source of any uncomfortable drafts in your home
  • Aid in measuring how much air is leaking in your ductwork

If you’re worried about how airtight your home might be, it’s a good idea to call a professional for an inspection. Blower door testing and other air sealing services can dramatically cut energy costs in your home.

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