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Sterilize Microorganisms with a Germicidal UV Lamp

While indoor air quality equipment like air filtration systems are perfect for inorganic particles like dust and soot, they may have a harder time with microbes such as viruses and bacteria. They’re commonly tiny enough to flow through high-efficiency filters before reaching the rest of your HVAC equipment. When capturing contaminants isn’t as practical, different strategies should be explored to ensure a complete indoor air quality plan.

You might be surprised to learn that ultraviolet light has sanitation qualities. When exposed to UV light, microbes are sterilized, becoming inactive or unable to reproduce. Essentially, this minimizes the chance they’ll negatively impact your HVAC system or health. Since you deserve clean and healthy indoor air, Taylor Heating Inc. sells and services germicidal UV lights in Rochester. We’ll take care of the installation process, seeing to it that you receive all of the benefits of a UV germicidal lamp. Contact us at 585-500-4357 today for details about this clever air quality product or to receive a free quote for installation.

How Can a UV Germicidal Light Sterilize Microbes?

Ultraviolet light is the reason you get sunburnt after spending too much time outside. The shorter wavelength that keeps UV light undetectable to our eyes also increases its energy. This energy can break down the molecular bonds of genetic material, like that of microorganisms such as mildew and bacteria. The results can completely destroy microbes or simply keep them from reproducing, but the results are mostly similar.

It’s best to install UV lamps directly into your HVAC system. As air passes through during a heating or cooling cycle, airborne microbes are exposed to the UV light while they move past. You can maintain comfortable temperatures while also improving air quality. And because the germicidal lamp is confined to your air ducts, you don’t have to worry about being affected by the UV rays.

A UV lamp mounted inside the ductwork is considered an air sanitizing light, and is ideal for microbes currently airborne. A new air sanitizing light can easily be integrated with the HVAC system’s blower motor, where the UV lamp only comes on during an active heating or cooling cycle.

There are also lights suitable for specific HVAC hardware like an air conditioner’s condenser coils. Quality coil sanitizing lights will prevent mold and mildew from taking advantage of the coils’ moisture.

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Reasons to Schedule Germicidal UV Light Installation in Rochester

UV Lights could be a brilliant investment for improving indoor air quality, providing benefits like: 


Eliminate unpleasant odors

Installing UV lamps into your HVAC system can help reduce the presence of strong odors from mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms flourishing in the air ducts. Utilizing germicidal ultraviolet rays renders them harmless, but you may need duct cleaning if there is existing growth.


Lower risk of getting sick

Ultraviolet lights decrease the spread of airborne illnesses by killing off virus and other germ particles before they can affect you. These microorganisms are frequently too minuscule for ordinary air filters to capture, but products like humidifiers can prevent the warm, humid conditions perfect for microbes.


Avoid irritating respiratory complications

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are one of the most common contributors to allergy and asthma symptoms. Fortunately, UV lamps mounted into your HVAC system can limit organic pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia before they pass through the ductwork.


Stimulate better energy efficiency

Fewer microbes in your air can also enhance energy efficiency, considering they aren’t clogging up the air filter or crucial components.


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