Lack of adequate insulation in a home is a lesson learned through discomfort and high energy costs. When your energy bills seem unusually high for cooling and heating, rest assured it is attributable to a lack of adequate insulation.

When you notice areas of rooms in the interior of your home that seem drafty, whether intermittently or regularly, lack of adequate insulation is usually the cause. Coupled with higher energy costs and discomfort in terms of lost heating and cooling indoor temperatures, there is no doubt insulation is important.


An HVAC professional is the best source to inspect the quality of your insulation and make recommendations on how to upgrade it. Your HVAC expert might also surprise you with information on areas of your home you never thought needed insulation. For example, you may not have realized that in addition to your basement and attic your exterior walls and interior floors may need insulation. You may have wondered why your floors always feel cold in winter. Improper quantities and types of insulation may not be sufficient to address these problems. Adequate insulation is especially important for slab on foundations for homes that do not have basements.

Other areas you might overlook are your HVAC ductwork system and your water heater. Once insulated, these reduce energy costs significantly. In regions like Rochester N.Y., ensuring your comfort in summer and winter with adequate insulation adds to the enjoyment of your home. In this region, Taylor Heating Inc. is the name to remember.


When it comes to insulating an attic, basement or other areas of the home, this is a labor-intensive job that HVAC experts, Taylor Heating Inc., provide cost-effectively and efficiently. Having an HVAC professional guide you through the requirements of the best type of insulation is one of the many advantages of a skilled HVAC consultant at your fingertips.

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