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Rochester Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

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One part of a home’s plumbing that no homeowner wants to deal with is the sewer line – but damaged sewer pipes can wreak all sorts of havoc on a home’s plumbing system. Any problems can be extremely destructive, which may lead to expensive repairs. Access to comprehensive plumbing services can be a big help in this regard.

Taylor Heating offers sewer line repair and replacement in Rochester. If you give us a call, we’ll send a technician to inspect your home’s sewer drains and pipes. They’ll also be able to apply any necessary solution to the problem.

Contact us at (585) 294-4881 to request service today.

What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

Damage to sewer pipes can be done by both man and nature.

Some of the most common ways sewer pipes can be damaged include:

  • Tree roots: It’s common for roots of all plants to go in search of fresh sources of water. Tree roots can be strong enough to destroy sewer pipes when seeking nourishment. Such problems can be avoided by planting trees away from any pipes installed close to your home.
  • Human error: It’s possible to accidentally strike a sewer pipe if you’re performing any landscaping or home renovations, especially if you don’t have a good idea of where the plumbing exists. The best way to avoid this is by mapping out exactly where hidden pipes are before undertaking these projects.
  • Changing weather patterns: Weather has a tendency to shift gears suddenly, in the form of wind gusts and precipitation, which can cause temperatures to fluctuate quickly. This may cause sewer pipes to contract and expand, which adds pressure and causes them to burst.
  • Old or damaged pipes: Sewer pipes can become corroded or simply damaged after years of heavy use. This is typical in older homes.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1947, Taylor Heating has been serving the needs of customers in the Greater Rochester Area. We’re committed to excellence when it comes to craftsmanship and customer service. We’ve built a reputation over the years of being honest and straightforward when it comes to projects and pricing. We feel it’s our duty to make sure you’re well-informed about your options before we begin working.

We’re also available for 24-hour service in case of emergencies. If the worst should happen and your sewer pipes are ruptured, at any time of day, you can get in touch with us. We’re always ready to take your call.

Reach out to us at (585) 294-4881 for comprehensive sewer line repair and replacement in Rochester.

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