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Achieve Peak Energy Efficiency with a Home Energy Audit

Energy costs are some of the highest monthly expenses when it comes to owning a home. The price of heating and cooling your home could be staggering at first, especially if there are any serious drafts or leaks in the HVAC system. A home energy audit from trained technicians can help identify inefficiencies. You can use that information to explore ways to reduce your energy bills.

Taylor Standards Are Superior Standards

Homeowners can rely on the home energy experts at Taylor Heating & Cooling for comprehensive residential energy audits that truly help them achieve top energy efficiency all year-round. Our trained auditors and other energy efficiency specialists are certified by the Building Performance Institute, and we never use subcontractors. When your long-term energy costs are on the line, you deserve to rest easy knowing that everything is performed by a highly trained, in-house crew.

How Is a Residential Energy Audit Performed?

A variety of tools are used in different parts of your home to measure whether or not things are airtight and whether your appliances are operating at peak efficiency. Here’s what’s involved in a full home energy audit:

First is the exterior and interior inspection. When taking a look at a home’s exterior, our crew members evaluate the building’s overall condition and look for any safety issues. Once that’s done, they’ll head inside. This half of the inspection covers everything from the crawl space to the attic. We look for excess dirt and debris, as these are signs the air is moving somewhere nearby. These drafty spots are the best place to apply insulation. Finally, they’ll check the lighting and other appliances to see if improvements can be made.

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Three Special Energy Audit Tasks


Blower Door Test

This type of test measures how well a home is sealed from the outside and helps to locate leaks and drafts. A high-powered fan sucks the air out, making it easier to find where these leaks are located. Once these gaps are identified, they can be sealed to prevent more HVAC energy being wasted.


Infrared Thermal Imaging

By using infrared camera technology, our auditors can locate more hot or cold spots. It’s a non-invasive way to review where you might be losing any heating or cooling over the year.


Combustion Safety and Gas Leak Tests

It’s especially important we complete a safety check on gas appliances, such as the furnace, boiler and water heater. Combustion safety and gas leak testing means each pipe and fitting is inspected and measured for proper seals. Carbon monoxide levels are also monitored.

We’ll Also Check Insulation Levels

Our technicians will perform an inspection of your home’s current insulation levels to determine how effectively it is performing. If the insulation levels are less than recommended, then you could be losing a significant amount of heat through the ceiling and walls.


Personalized Solutions with Old-Fashioned Service

Customer satisfaction is everything to our team, and we make sure you receive the best service from start to finish. Everyone’s comfort problems are different, but your problem always becomes our top priority. We’re trusted by homeowners to perform high-quality residential energy audits for families all over Rochester. Let us help you make your home more energy efficient for years to come. Call 585-500-4357 today to start the process.

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Committed to Comfort from the Very Start

While a long history of service is impressive, nothing is more important to customer satisfaction than a dedication to total comfort. Taylor Heating Inc. considers your peace of mind our top priority, and that hasn’t changed since we first opened our doors. Learn more about our history, and how our communities support us just as much as we support you.